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October 12, 2011

Al rescate del Español

by Luna Garcia

One day, while sitting on my uncle’s couch, I decided to pay attention to the Spanish news he was watching. As I was reflecting on how long it had been since I watched Spanish television, and how professional the reporters all sounded (compared to the Spanglish I am subjected to in Brooklyn) I heard the guy on TV talk about a certain politician that “se panickeo” while giving a speech. My heart stopped. What did he just say? That is not a word.

I know what you’re thinking: Not the Spanglish post again. I think we have already established that apparently Spanglish is the language of the future, that we should try to retain our Spanish, that language is a great part of our identity, and that our native language is influencing the local language in the same way the local language is influencing our native language. But I also believe that embracing Spanglish as our main form of communication is far below ideal.

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