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Do you have a website, organization,
or company that you would like to promote with Being Latino, Inc.?

We are primarily looking for websites to cross promote banners, articles and contests. We also offer the opportunity for YOUR company and/or organization to sponsor videos/video blogs in exchange for creating awareness for Being Latino.

If you have a collaboration idea, and your mission and ours make sense for a partnership; we are open to hearing more.  Here’s how…

Submit a one-page proposal detailing the following:

  • The benefits of cross promotion to Being Latino, Inc. and its members.
  • Description of promotional process.
    • Action (s) required of Being Latino, Inc. staff.
    • Action (s) of your organization.


If interested in cross promotional opportunities,
please email yourproposal us at

We look forward to all inquiries.

6 Comments to “Partner with Us”

  1. I am very interested in any all opportunities that available. Let me know.

  2. Good Afternoon,

    my name is Massimo Gaggino, I´m the affiliate executive for eCGlobal.

    Itried reaching you but I couldn´t get hold of anyone at the moment.

    I´d like to speak with a responsable and discuss about a possible parnership.


    Massimo Gaggino
    00 55 71 9645 9257

  3. We’re always interested in a good partnership.

  4. Let me know I have several ad exchange options available.

    Ad space exchange:

    Ad space for sale.

  5. We are a Canadian Immigration Firm. We are located in Toronto, ON, but our website and services are widely popular in Latin America as well as locally in Canada.

    We would be happy to cross promote with businesses that our clients may be interested in.

    Please contact us at 647 986 8472.

  6. Hello,

    My father and our family travel around Southern California’s Communities in hopes to educate and promote a dying art “Papel Picado” – also known as paper cutting. We provide demonstrations, classes, and have displayed our artwork in Southern California College’s, Schools, Libraries, and Cultural events to name a few. We are interested in any and all opportunities which we both may mutually benefit from. If your interested in a possible partnership please visit our website and contact us.

    Thanks for your time, (Marketing)

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