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  1. If possible could you in Facebook do a small survey on how many Latino men watch a americanized latino I find them to be a waste of time, but other latinos men tell me that they do watch would be interested to know the results..thanks

  2. May I please have poermission to use your image of Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded with roses as the image for the cover of my book? If I can have permission, I intend to use it as the full front cover, with the words of my title super-imposed: “PRAYING AND LIVING THE ROSARY, BUILDING A JUST AND HUMANE SOCIETY – A Prayer and Study Guide “. I hope to hear from you with a YES! God bless you.

    Jo Salvana, Philippines

  3. On 5 Mar 90 I received a bcd for being gay. I was placed in jail for 59 days after being taken back to a military base by an undercover guy who took off my clothes because after arriving back to the hotel I was hestitate about the situation. I refused to take off my clothes he took off my underware and once this was completed the doors were broken down and I was arrested and placed in confinement for 59 days.

  4. this site is wonderful!

  5. Grate source of information!!!!

  6. Ray – That’s a great idea! My father, who immigrated to the US from Mexico in ’86, watches them with my mother. I wouldn’t call myself assimilated, but I was born & raised here, and I also think they’re a waste of time & stereotypical, which I’ve tried to point out to them & have failed in my attempt. But it’s interesting to see how engrossed my father gets with novelas. LOL

  7. Best graphic I have seen to date on change
    May I have your permission to use it with attribution in an upcoming talk to hospital administrators in IA please?

  8. No offense intended nor am I speaking out of bigotry as I respect all cultures, but how did the great classical Latin name ( and now corrupted into Latino) ended up being used for especially within the past few decades to Spanish speaking peoples of the Western Hemisphere who are mainly of mixed race and who never even spoke Latin and made into a racial classification for themselves. The Latin language, culture, and tribes originated in Europe, specifically Italy, by my ancestors by ancient Rome, Julius Ceaser, Pompeii, and the Vatican and was the language of Rome when Christ walked the earth. The roots of Latin come from Italy and the Catholic church there since its the historical and cultural legacy from there for over 2000 years and being from Europe its not seperate from the white race. What baffles me even more is that no one sets the record straight on one of the worlds most profound legacies.

  9. My name is Rebekah Blankenship and I would like permission to use the graphic picture of the two hands shaking for an assignment in my journalism class at Southeast Missouri State University. This is strictly for a grade and classroom use and not republication.

  10. Today is 12/19/2011 How’s about updating this. Philly has a very active & growing Barrio.
    we’ve got some great people who need to be recognized.Happy holidays.

  11. In response to Joe’s post dated October 18, 2011, I want to say that you are missing a lot of information that would help you to more deeply understand the evolution of the word “latino”. The word latino is not a corruption of the original word. You say you are not speaking out of bigotry, and I think you truly believe that, but the judgement is nevertheless implied within the word “corrupted”. We are all proud of our heritage and I get where you are coming from but, in fact, the word “latino” has always been a part of the ancient language and all its variations throughout the Romance languages, of which Spanish and Italian are a part. Just because the Latin language has its roots in Rome, which by the way, was NOT Italy as you identified it in your post, but rather, a separate dominion which eventually merged with all the other parts of what is now modern day Italy, but I digress, doesn’t mean that, therefore, any later usage of the word is either wrong, corrupt, or demeaning of its Roman and European legacy, as I think you are implying. Language is not static. It evolves and changes. In my youth, the word “gay” meant something wholly different than what it means now, and there are many such examples. The evolution of the varying cultures in the United States who identify themselves as sharing a common, Spanish-American ancestry, have adopted the use of this term “latino” to identify what it is that makes our culture unique from among other peoples of Spanish descent and ancestry. I don’t pretend to know all the factors that have led to the popularization of this term, but having grown up in New York City, I think that pop culture may have had a hand in it. I remember the days when Spanish/Caribbean music suddenly became “latin music”. Thereafter, the term “latino” arrived, so to speak, or at least in its current definition. I identify myself first and foremost as an American, but as I grow older, I have grown to deeply appreciate my roots and being latina, which for me is rich with special stories, memories, jokes, cuisine, music, history, and all sorts of tell-tale markers that only another fellow latino would smile at and somehow “get”. Give me a joke, for example, about latina mothers and their uncanny skills with “chancletas”, and I know you are latino! That’s what it’s all about, at least for me. By the way, I am caucasian and of European ancestry, being a whiter shade of pale, just like many latinos. The two (white and latino) are not mutually exclusive.

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