Photo Editor

Position Title: Photo Editor

Department: Content

Direct Manager: Chief Content Officer

Indirect Manager: Managing Editor

Position Summary:

The photography editor is responsible for the quality and content of all editorial photographs used on the Being Latino Online Magazine. The photo editor is responsible for ensuring that all editorial photos are of the highest quality possible before they are published. Also responsible for ensuring rights to photos have been obtained. This position will also take full responsibility for the management of photos.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Manages photo requests received from section editors
  • Assures that all assignments are shot and submitted by deadline
  • Selects the photos that go into the magazine with section editor input
  • Solely responsible for enhancing photos in photo editor before photos are published
  • Acts as liaison between photographers and features editors if problems should occur
  • Advises managing & features editors of possible feature photos or photo essays
  • Handles all outside photo assignments
  • Ensures that photographs are kept in good order and organized accordingly
  • Attends meetings and participates in editorial board
  • Contributes constructive and helpful criticism to each meeting
  • Recruits staff photographers

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