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21 Comments to “Be Latino”

  1. I love being Puerto Rican and staying connected to the issues that effect us all.

  2. This is an excellent opportunity that I encourage all who are able to definitely give it a shot!

  3. Hi, i would like to enter to this comunity, i would be part of a world comunity

    Hey me gustaria ser parte de esta comunidad, esto seria ser parte de una comunidad global

  4. Hola, me llamo Lillian, me llaman Lily. I am a retired NYPD Detective. Soy Latina, nacida en NYC pero soy 100% Boricua. Estoy muy interesada en trabajar con ustedes como parte de The Street Team. I am a very outgoing, creative and enthusiastic intelligent women who gets along great with others. I think I would be an asset to your company. I am always coming up with great ideas and would love to help you expand while still going out into the field and getting pictures and stories that would entice the general public to log on into our website. Please feel free to contact me through my email. Thank you, Lillian Lavelli

  5. I applied I hope to hear from Being Latino again. Paid or not… I’m interested in helping my community 🙂

  6. Application submitted! This sounds great, guys!

  7. Its nice to see Latinos reaching new horizons. Im proud to be a Latino woman …Nice job !!

  8. Hi, I am not Latina, and I am marrying a Latino man in a few weeks. I want to participate in and learn much more about what Being Latino means.


  9. I absolutely love this site and I look forward to reading post from all of your writers!

  10. Hola! I’ve been following you on Twitter & just wanted to express my support for all that you are and all that you’re doing! I’m a Vocalist, SAG & AFTRA Actress and Voice-Over Artist, seething with soothing, sultry sophistication. Check me out at: if there’s ever any way I can enhance your thriving success – please let me know!

  11. I am interested in joining…

  12. I like to learn more about your organization’s mission and memebership beneftis.


  13. Hello Everyone,
    I am definitly interested in joining your team 😉

  14. Yes, very interested …as a Latina I feel it is important to know what is happening, why and when….so, we can be part of all that is happening in today’s restless, wild and crazy world. Also, to let others know we are strong culture and here to stay…..Paz

  15. I’m All in. NYker Decendants of Colombian/Panamanian.

  16. This site is cool! A proud Puerto Rican from NYC, is always a pleasure to see Latinos reunite, promote and help each other as a community.

    • Thanks so much! That’s great to hear. Glad you enjoy the site. We love the feedback and welcome you to our BL family.

  17. I’m very impressed with this magazine and have submitted my application and writing samples. Hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Me encanta que haya esta pagina pues ya que latinos gay como yo podemos espresarnos sin ser gusgados:-)

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