Mixed-race marriages on the rise

Bringing your partner home to meet your parents can be nerve-wracking, but bringing a partner of a different race home can cause even more anxiety, depending on your family’s personal beliefs. However, it’s good to know that society’s prejudices aren’t getting in the way of love. In fact, the rate of interracial marriages in the U.S. has risen, with a little help from us.

Hispanics and Asians remain in the lead when it comes to marrying outside of their race, but Blacks have made the biggest jump since 2008. It seems that more and more people are accepting mixed marriages, which is a nice change from the days when it was downright illegal.

Recent immigration may slow down intermarriages in the Hispanic and Asian populations because there are more of us around now to be able to pick from our own ethnicity. Despite this, interracial marriages are a continuing trend, so not to worry. Those adorable mixed-race babies we all love to look at aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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2 Comments to “Mixed-race marriages on the rise”

  1. Maybe if the races were mixed and than we only need to worry about is the HUMAN RACE. I am Latino because of how I was raised, but in the 70′s being a Bi-racial child in the city was alot more harder than it is now, but to let you know, I am and always will be a moma’s boy and she was white and I never denied her, my wife is latina, but all of my blessed grandchildren are Black and Hispanic and I LOVE them all.

  2. Being “Hispanic” is not a race. Hispanics are made of of people of all races. When a Hispanic white marries an Anglo white then the child’s race is white. This union is an Intercultural marriage not an Inter racial marriage. Speaking of Hispanics as a race is historically incorrect and has no basis in fact. This “hispanic” race is a conjured up category that was created here in the United States to label a group of people that the government couldn’t quite define. As the US has realized little by little that Hispanics come from various races, it changed the US Census to reflect that change. Therefore now you mark your race and then your ethnicity Hispanic or not. So let’s stop perpetrating the lie that Hispanics are a race. If you really think that we are a race, where did this supposed race come from? It’s simple folks…. European White Spaniards colonized various parts of the world, They brought black slaves and conquered the Amerindian peoples. Their descendants married only their race others mixed. So as a result we get the Hispanics of various racial backgrounds. Just go from Mexico all the way to Argentina and you’ll see how different racially we are. It’s a beautiful thing. We glory in our culture irrespective of our racial background.

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