BL’s Cocina: Blueberry Margarita

When juicing for this margarita I find it best to strain as bits of skin do linger.  If you decide to add the pickled blueberries to your margarita be careful when mixing as you do not want to break apart blueberries in the cooking process.

If pickled blueberries are not your thing why not try frozen blueberries instead of ice?  The color is intense and in using tequila blanco you can maintain the vibrant color.  I rarely use tequila oro in my summer margaritas. I find them better suited for winter.

Of course feel free to experiment as these recipes are guides. Enjoy!

Blueberry Margarita

by Sweet Life

by Vianney Rodriguez

makes 4 margaritas


lime wedges

1 cup tequila

1 cup blueberry  juice

1/3 cup fresh lime juice

1/2 cup Cointreau

ice cubes or frozen blueberries

Honey- Tequila Pickled Blueberries 

On a small plate spread salt.  With lime wedges moisten rim of 6 ounce glasses.  Dip glasses into salt.   Place glasses into freezer to chill.

In a pitcher combine tequila, blueberry juice, lime juice and Cointreau.  Remove glasses from freezer and serve margarita mixture over ice. Garnish with lime slices and honey- tequila pickled blueberries.

Recipe courtesy of  Sweet Life


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