Independence Day the Philly way

It’s that time of year again when the colors red, white and blue adorn buildings and even cup cakes as the entire country prepares to celebrate our day of independence with parades and fireworks. But July 4 is not just about these wonderful events, it’s also about history and culture.

You can’t truly appreciate and learn about history overnight or in one weekend for that matter. Philadelphians believe that too, and that is why the Wawa Welcome America! Festival is an 11-day celebration.

For the past eight days, Philadelphians have been getting in the Fourth of July spirit. That might sound like a lot or not much at all, depending on where you’re from, but that’s the Philly way.

Taste of Philly Belgian Waffle

It all started with the Taste of Philly weekend at Penn’s Landing where the best local restaurants came together and offered tastes of their best dishes – from the chicken empanadas of Cuba Libre to the cheese curds of Wisconsin. Finalists in a singer/songwriter contest also got to perform, followed by a performance by Aaron Neville and a display of fireworks.

During the past week, locals and visitors alike have had the chance to Go 4th and Learn about history, performance arts, and science. They also ate 4.5 tons of Wawa Hoagies and learned this signature sandwich’s history, watched movies at great Philly locations, and saw a military chain of command take place.

Even soldiers of old couldn't resist Wawa Hoagie Day.

This may sound like a lot of activities to pack into a week, but we’re not even finished yet. Which of course means that you still have time to visit Philly and join in the fun! Next up this weekend is the Chinatown Block Party, an All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival to raise money for the Joshua Kahan Fund, and fireworks on the Delaware River.

Eleven days of history and celebration will, of course, culminate on July 4 with an Independence Day Ceremony, a parade that follows in the footsteps of the nation’s forefathers and features all five military branches, and the Party on the Parkway with fun for the whole family.

The evening and night belong to music and fireworks at the 4th of July Jam featuring The Roots, Estelle, Sarah Bareiles, Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael McDonald, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Philly. What better place to learn about history and celebrate July 4 than in the city where it all began.

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