Celebrate Independence Day with 4th of July paletas

Recipe by Vianney Rodriguez of Sweet Life

Makes 10

2 cups strawberry juice

2 cups lemonade

2 cups blueberry juice

paleta mold or dixie cups

For the first layer:

Pour the strawberry juice into the mold to your desired layer.

Freeze for 1 hour.

Remove from freezer and insert your wooden sticks.

Freeze for another hour. Freezing each layer completely will prevent colors from running.

Second Layer:

Pour your layer of lemonade.

Return to freezer and freeze 1 hour.

Third Layer:

Remove mold from freezer and add your final layer.

Return and freeze 1 hour or overnight.

To serve run warm water along side of mold and remove carefully not to break wooden stick.

*If using dixie cups or a smaller mold, reduce the amount of juice.

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5 Responses to “Celebrate Independence Day with 4th of July paletas”

  1. I love paletas!! Perfect color for the july 4th. Thanks for featuring Sweet Life, we love her site!

  2. Deliciosas paletas! I love all of the fruits you used. Congrats on the feature Bonnie 🙂

  3. Thanks Nancy/Mary !! Have a great weekend!

  4. These look fantastic Bonnie, congrats on the feature 🙂


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