Live [a week ago] from the Latin Billboards red carpet

 by Libby Juliá Vázquez

I must confess that when I was asked to represent Being Latino at Telemundo’s Digital Influencer’s Day in Miami, I had to give it a little thought. As a committed member of Being Latino, Inc.’s administration I felt duty-bound to go and represent, but as someone who doesn’t watch Spanish-language TV or award shows, I thought the opportunity would be lost on me. As I mulled it over, I realized that my lack of fanatical excitement might just be what the event required, as it would translate to pure objectivity. (And really, who could say no to a few days in Miami and out of the Chicago cold?)

The event, an opportunity for digital influencers such as Being Latino to have some very productive conversations with Telemundo executives, talent, and staff about the role that social media is taking in marketing, the dissemination of news, and even regular TV-watching, was a successful one.

With a day of discussion at Telemundo’s headquarters, and an afternoon touring Telemundo’s studios to see where and how novelas are made, this non-fan was quickly becoming a fan and excited at the prospect of seeing the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Nowhere was the power of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter more evident than at the awards. As we were ushered to seats on the side of the red carpet and began sharing information and photos as soon as the festivities began, Telemundo staff tweeted which celebrity had just arrived before they made it in front of the camera. Fans who were following were privy to information that those simply sitting in front of the TV were not. Attendees were able to share photos with each other, and with friends and family elsewhere as it happened.

The die-hard fans were behind us screaming, cheering, and often crying (Prince Royce was very popular). They were holding up posters and their excitement was palpable and contagious as the celebrities, who were friendly and loving towards their fans, stopped in front of them to share kisses, hugs, take pictures, and sign autographs.

Many say social media has taken over as if it’s a negative thing, but as I shared my experience live with friends through Facebook statuses and photos, I felt they were there with me. I didn’t have to recall and retell my story later; they almost lived it with me. Social media is changing our lives and it is here to stay.

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Gaby Espino


Jason Canela

Cristian Castro

Jorge Bernal interviews Natalia Jimenez

Luis Fonsi

Rashel Diaz

Prince Royce talks to his fans

Cultura Profetica

Tercer Cielo

Telemundo president, Don Browne

A fan's view of Juanes

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3 Comments to “Live [a week ago] from the Latin Billboards red carpet”

  1. Niceness. BL power.

  2. Libby, are you setting the DVR to Telemundo now? I am after that wonderful experience in Miami with Telemundo and the other site publishers in attendance.

    It feels like a homecoming, actually. And, I love suddenly remembering words I don’t use a lot. So, I’m considering it “educational” TV! LOL

    And, it was wonderful to meet you!

    • It was wonderful to meet you as well. I’m not quite there on the Telemundo, but mostly because I don’t watch much TV (aside from housewives lol) to begin with. Might have to start with RPM Miami, see what that’s like.

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