Being Latino Partners with Telemundo for ‘Digital Influencers Day’

Being Latino is in Miami as part of Telemundo’s Digital Influencers Day. With Telemundo’s understanding that social media platforms are an integral part of reaching today’s Latino–the largest users of social media, especially via smartphones–they open their doors to Latino digital influencers such as Being Latino for an open discussion.

Telemundo president, Don Browne

Telemundo executives share their content and vision with the group, including inspiring words from the network’s president, Don Browne. But the discussion is a dialogue as execs also open themselves up for the vision and ideas of attendees as Ramon Escobar, EVP, Telemundo Network News, asked attendees to share their advice for the network. Being Latino’s advice: Focus on the bi-cultural Latino who lives life in both culturals and in both languages.

The event will continue with a visit to the Telemundo studios and the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

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6 Responses to “Being Latino Partners with Telemundo for ‘Digital Influencers Day’”

  1. Telemundo has excellent programming and maybe a nudge towards bilingualism and biculturalism would be good.

  2. Inevitable and about time.

  3. Telemundo is a staple and now with Being Latino being social media’s Latino Icon the sky is the limit!

  4. The is the platform that the Latino community needs to help us move forward with educating shedding light to Latino concerns! Congratulations Being Latino and Telemundo! Much success!

  5. Very good!


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