Facebook etiquette for mamis!

by Jennifer Turano

As I’m coming closer to turning 30 (still over two years left – not that I’m counting), more and more of my friends and acquaintances are having babies. I love children and hope to have some of my own one day. But you see, just the thought of another person living inside me for nine months is kind of scary. Mothers saying that they have this special bond to that little alien living inside of them quickly reassures me. But then comes the thought of labor pains…

I know we are designed for childbirth, but I freak out thinking about how bad the pain will really be. That’s why mothers saying that they forgot about the pain as soon as they had their little babies in their arms, or that it’s really not as bad as it seems, are all things that have calmed me and made me think that I could probably do it someday. Which is why this recent trend has started to disturb me…

I don’t know if it’s because of Facebook and the ability to now share our every feeling with the world within seconds, but it seems like (some) mommies just can’t wait to tell us all about the terrible, awful, excruciating pain they went through – and how terrified they are to deliver baby #2 after now KNOWING the real pain it involves! It’s not that I’m NOT aware that it’s going to hurt, but you see, I was kind of under the impression that mommies had a pact: That for the sake of procreation, they would flat out lie to the rest of us! And even if that pact is now broken, are your labor pains really an appropriate Facebook status update?

Does there not exist some kind of Facebook etiquette for us to go to when in doubt?


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13 Comments to “Facebook etiquette for mamis!”

  1. There’s a lot of FB that’s inappropriate. Unfortunately there are many people without filters.

  2. First off I’d like to say one very important word in regards to this: EPIDURAL! And girl I will not lie. The labor is not the painful part it’s the after when the epidural has worn off. And if you had a c-section expect a longer recovery time. Sorry! And in regards to using that as a Facebook status…I know people who have left much worse things than telling us about their labor pains. I don’t find it to be an etiquette problem until they start posting pics of it! lol! Oh and FYI: You can forget about any kind of mami pact!:)

  3. I feel the same way when it comes to thinking about childbirth! But I didn’t know women were keeping their facebook statuses updated during the process! Three things: ONE, I really don’t want to know, especially as it’s happening, because my imagination already exaggerates the pain in my head. TWO, if the pain is as bad as you’re saying, how can you be texting? And THREE, shouldn’t you be focusing on…the baby?!

  4. It hurts like hell, yes, but is the ONLY pain I know that is worth it. It hurts because it’s just natural, no because something is wrong. It feels like “cagar un coco” someone said once. No epidural for me, but motherhood is for the brave at heart. You can do it, really. But posting in facebook is out of place, like many other things people post all the time.

  5. It’s normal to be nervous but with today’s medicine and pain medication you will be okay it will happen when the time is right. I think that women updating their statuses during labor is down right ridiculous kind of shows what our world has come to these days, that should be a very personal and private time with your family and your spouse. I can see maybe a spouse or family member posting that you had the baby a picture on a facebook note or something but a mother is quite “busy” during labor. You have to draw the line somewhere problem is no one has gotten that concept hence the reason why we see such ridiculous status updates these days.

  6. And I don’t want to see the ultra-sound photos of your little alien in utero. Please refrain from using them as your profile pic for 6 months straight.


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