9 Multimedia Reports on Immigration Reform You Can’t Miss

by Carlos Macías

The push for and against immigration reform in the United States is not ebbing. However, multimedia journalists keep documenting the struggle from both sides of the debate. These reports encompass titanic efforts to keep an honest account of how America deals with the future of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants and its inevitable transformation. Let’s take a look of 9 multimedia projects that stand out for their depth, breath and creativity:

1. Blood on the Tracks by ForeignPolicy.com

2. National Guard at the U.S. -Mexico Border by The Arizona Republic

3. Immigration Detention in Arizona by Time.com

4. Arizona Racial Profiling Law: Show Us What You Think by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

5. Rallies Fueled by Anger Over Arizona Law by The New York Times

6. As Arizona Immigration Reform Takes Effect, Local Tensions Start to Boil by The Washington Post

7. An Anti-Illegal Immigration Crusade by The Miami Herald

8. Horses Play a Vital Role in American Border Security by BBC News

9. Fotos de Alonso Castillo by Nuestra Mirada, La Red Social de Fotoperiodistas Iberoamericanos

To learn more about immigration reform in the United States, visit the following resources:

White House page on immigration
National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy
National Immigration Forum
Pew Hispanic Center on Immigration
The New York Times’ immigration topics page
Feet in Two Worlds blog

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  1. Wow, this is great… And all of these media channels are very much trustworthy. Will be looking into this.


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